Fes excursions to Chefchaouen:

From Fes our one day trip towards Chechaouen, starts by picking you up from your accommodation. At 8:00 am, we will depart towards the gem of the North , the blue city of Chefchaouen; crossing the unspoiled Rif mountains, that gives you a blend of the sea and the forests.

When arrived at the the beautiful town, our tour will take you in a memorable experience through the blue and, white-shaded alleys of this city. Visiting some incredible work shops of arts and crafts; Leading you to the spectacular square of The Utta Lehmamm, where you will enjoy lunch in a restaurant in front of this swooning view over the square. Ater lunch we will continue visiting someof the  impressive monuments that this city contains, such as the Grande mosque of Ali Ben Rashed, the founder of the beautiful town and,  its unique Kasbah that is lined with gardens. Eventually we will take you to the highest point in the town from where you can take some amzing photos with the town from above and, watch the breath-taking sunset from there.

At evening, we will get back to Fes, where unfortunately our tour ends.






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