Two Nights Merzouga Camel Trek | Camel Trekking in Erg Chebbi | Sand boarding in the Dunes Merzouga

Camel Trekking / ride in Merzouga for two Nights in desert Erg Chebbi

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The two nights Merzouga camel trek experience starts similar to the one night camel excursion but the second day after you watch the sunrise and eat your breakfast you will continue further into the Sahara Desert (black desert) and visit with local nomads family and have a break there and also lunch (berber pizza) and after your rest and lunch with nomad family you will ride camels to the camp to spend your second night in the tent (desert camp) This trek costs 80 Euros.


What's Included:

Room in our hotel to leave your luggage and shower
Parking for your care if you have
Camel ride for two nights in desert
Camel each
Dinners & Breakfast's
Lunch (berber pizza) in desert
Sandboarding in the dunes

How we will meet in Merzouga?

If you have a rental car we will meet you at our Hotel in Merzouga where you will have a room to leave your luaggage that you will not take with you to desert and for shower when you come back from your desert camel trek

If you come by bus i will meet you here in Merzouga bus station and then take you to our hotel.

Bus time informations.

From Fes: There are a daily overnight bus leave fes around 20:00 night and get to Merzouga around 05:00 early morning. the bus called (SUPRATOURS)

From Marrakech: There are a daily day bus leave Marrakech at 08:00 morning and get to Merzouga at 20:00 night the bus called (SUPRATOURS)

If a camel trek doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea there are plenty of great other tours that we offer,you can do while visiting Morocco.

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